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Maximise your superannuation

While most of us don’t get as excited as the average number-crunching accountant each 1 July, the new financial year is a good time to reassess your finances and maximise your superannuation.

Trust Miss Money Box when she tells you that this small investment of your time now will help you to achieve much higher returns in the future.

Seriously, you’ll thank me when you are enjoying champagne instead of cask wine in your golden years, I promise.

maximise your super

Step 1: Make a conscious effort to find out what you’re invested in then choose something that suits your life stage. Your super fund will usually offer a range of different investment options depending on your appetite for risk and your age.

Step 2: Consolidate your super accounts. You may have as many accounts as you’ve had jobs, and you’re paying fees on all of them. Check out Miss Money Box’s step-by-step guide on how to consolidate your super.

Step 3: Salary sacrifice your super. You can arrange this through your employer. The money goes into your super fund pre-tax so it never hits your normal bank account. As of 1 July 2017, there are new (lower) limits to how much super you can sacrifice each year.

Step 4: Find any lost super, there’s apparently $14 billion of it out there and some of it might be yours.

There is a real disengagement that happens between money we need now – for housing, travel, kids – and money we can’t access until we’re over 65. These four steps, taken years ahead of time, can amount of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more in retirement.


  1. Miss Balance Miss Balance July 3, 2017

    Some good steps. I’m always surprised how many people have multiple super funds! I guess I’m lucky/smart? I signed up with a good one from the start and have just carried it with me with no need to ever change.

  2. Miss Money Box Miss Money Box July 3, 2017

    That’s fab news Miss Balance. No luck about choosing a good super fund and sticking with it, I’m sure it was a conscious (and smart) decision 😁.

  3. Pia Pia July 4, 2017

    Good advice! I’m actually just about to fill in the form to salary sacrifice up to 15% to super now that I have been nudged into a different tax bracket!

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