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Happy Birthday Miss Money Box!

Today Miss Money Box turns one! That’s right, since my first post 12 months ago, I’ve been blogging about personal finance like a total nerd with a calculator for a whole year.

To celebrate this achievement, I’ve put together my highlights of the year that was. Strap yourselves in ladies, things are about to get fiscal:

Researching, even on holiday.

The ASX 200 index rose from 5,228 to 5,763 points. That’s a 9 percent increase in one year (and that’s a good thing).

Demographer Bernard Salt chastised millennials for spending too much money on smashed avocado on toast rather than seriously saving for a house deposit.

A story I wrote about alternative investment options to buying property got published in the Huffington Post! Woohoo!

A somewhat misguided personal finance expert instructed us to buy silver goblets and carry around $1,000 in cash at all times in order to feel wealthy (and possibly get robbed).

I posted a DIY video about what the Reserve Bank does to YouTube and didn’t get trolled (yet).

Miss Money Box gained over 2,000 followers on Facebook. Thank you!

And my favourite thing… I watched friends get involved in the stock market for the first time and make changes to the way they invest in their superannuation. Such happiness.

I need to thank a few people…

  • Lisa – for giving me the impetus to finally stop talking about starting this blog, and actually do it.
  • David – finance guru extraordinaire and sounding board.
  • Posh and the Secret Lady Writers – a constant source of encouragement and inspiration.
  • My workmates – who listen to me talk about the stock market and at least pretend to be interested.
  • The ever supportive personal finance blogosphere – Dividends Down Under, FinancyEnough Time To, Adventures with Poopsie, Bizzmark BlogAll About Balance, Big Kid Little Adult, and Hey! It’s Just Money.
  • And finally – friends, family, likers and lurkers… thank you all. I love writing this blog and I’m so happy that people actually read it.

Miss Money Box  x


  1. Pia Pia July 6, 2017

    *throws confetti* Hooray! Happy Birthday! (How insane was that crazy advice to carry $1000 in cash all the time. I get anxious even carrying $100!!!) Thank you for the shout out as well – look forward to all the fantastic posts in your 2nd year of blogging.

  2. Miss Money Box Miss Money Box July 6, 2017

    Thank you Pia. I’m excited to be entering into my second year with this blog. I really enjoy writing it. And yes, carrying around $1000 in cold hard cash is a ludicrous idea!

  3. Miss Balance Miss Balance July 6, 2017

    Happy Blog-iversray! Good on you for sticking it out for this long. What a great year you’ve had – a youtube video with no trolls and a feature in Huffington post too!
    Best of luck with your second year and beyond.

    p.s. If you were meant to link my blog the link is

  4. Miss Money Box Miss Money Box July 6, 2017

    Thanks Miss Balance! And I’ve just fixed the link to your site too 🙂

  5. Mrs. ETT Mrs. ETT July 6, 2017

    Now that’s one savvy-looking woman: always ready to spread the good financial word! Congratulations on your first year – it’s a hurdle that not too many make. Here’s to another year of positively influencing people to make a better life for themselves.

    PS I really liked the video, I hope to see more (not so subtle hint?)

  6. Miss Money Box Miss Money Box July 6, 2017

    Thank you so much Mrs ETT, that’s really kind.

    And I do have another video planned, stay tuned!

  7. Pat Pat July 12, 2017

    Congratulations on 1 year Miss Money Box, keep up the fabulous blogging, you are a great inspiration.

  8. Miss Money Box Miss Money Box July 12, 2017

    Thank you Pat, I really appreciate that.

  9. Dividends Down Under Dividends Down Under July 18, 2017

    I feel so honoured that we got a shout-out on your one year birthday post. thank you!

    Congratulations for hitting such a big milestone! A lot of people told us when we hit 1 year that a lot of blogs don’t even make it that far – so it really is a big achievement. I’m shocked that you’re only 1 year old though, you blog like a pro and have really grown a community of followers. You have really come a huge way!

    Mrs DDU

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