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The All Ordinaries Index explained

Today, for the first time since the Global Financial Crisis in 2007, the All Ordinaries Index tipped over 6,000 points.

“Riiiiighhht” you say, “What does that actually mean (and why should I care)?”

Let me explain. The All Ordinaries Index – which you may have also heard referred to as the “All Ords” – is a grouping of Australia’s top 500 companies determined by market capitalisation, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The index was established in 1980 and its value was worth just 500 points. At the height of its value in November 2007, it was worth 6873.20 points.

So, the All Ords works as a kind of snapshot of the current health of the Australian stock market.

Just a little something good to know when watching the news, or a way to impress people about how financially savvy you are ;).